History of Judo

Nage Komi Judo Club Wakefield

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Judo - The Gentle Way

Nage Komi Judo Club was founded by Phill Cocker in 2012


Training started at the Community Centre in Kettlethorpe on Standbridge Lane on the 23rd August.



Club committee formed on 18th October 2012.


James completed his 1st Dan grading on the 23rd April 2013. Congratulations and very well done to James.


Venue moved to Standbridge Community Centre on the 1st April 2014


Moved club to Wakefield Sports Club on the 8th October 2016


Moved to Wakefield Karate and Martial Arts College on the 10th May 2017


Further significant dates to follow

Phill Cocker's Judo History
Committee Members